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Your Private Equity Firm Must Act Decisively In Facing Data Disasters And Cyber Threats By Uncovering Critical Vulnerabilities Now.

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Are You Truly Prepared for the Unthinkable?

  • How Vulnerable Is Your Data? Imagine this: a data breach occurs. Are you confident in your current data disaster plan, or are you crossing fingers, hoping it never happens?
  • When Cyber Attacks Strike, What’s Your First Move? Cyber threats are evolving every day. Does your team know exactly what to do in the first critical minutes of a cyber attack? Wil you be blamed?
  • Is Your Recovery Time Measured in Minutes, Hours, or Days? Time is of the essence. In the event of a disaster, how quickly can you really get back on your feet?
  • Are You Relying on Hope or Strategy? Hope is not a strategy. Are you depending on luck, or do you have a concrete, tested plan in place?
  • Who Bears the Burden of Response? When the alarm sounds, does everyone know their role, or is it chaos? Who leads the charge?
  • What’s the True Cost of Downtime for Your Business? Beyond the immediate panic, have you considered the long-term impact of downtime on your reputation and bottom line?
  • Do You Have a Plan or Just a Placeholder? Is your “plan” a dusty document on a shelf, or a dynamic, practiced strategy ready to be deployed?

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See What Other US Businesses Are Saying About 7tech

Unmatched Reliability and Security!

The most significant transformation we have experienced since partnering with 7tech is the reliability of our computer network. We can sleep better at night knowing they have implemented enhanced security measures to protect our data.

The speed and proficiency with which 7tech handles IT tickets is truly remarkable. In most cases, when we report an IT problem, they resolve it within the same hour. This level of efficiency is second to none and has been a game-changer for us.

For those who may not be IT experts, my advice is simple: let the experts help you. 7tech is just a phone call away, and their support is invaluable. 7tech has made a significant difference in our operations, and we couldn’t be happier with their service.

Chris Tovar. Chris Tovar Owner
Sure Seal

7tech Treats Us Like We Are Their Only Customer!

Knowing that a solid reliable group of cybersecurity experts are protecting our non-profit business helps me sleep at night!

7tech treats us like we are their only customer, and we love how they consider the well-being of our business to be their primary concern. They don’t just care about our computers; they care about the success of our mission.

Call 7tech today, talk with them, talk to their customers, and you’ll quickly understand why THEY are the real deal!

Vinsen Faris. Vinsen Faris CEO
Meals on Wheels

We Can Sleep Easier At Night Knowing We Are Protected 24/7

Their excellent customer service and willingness to get to know each client’s individual needs has made all the difference.

We value 7tech’s due diligence that ensures our cybersecurity protections are current in addition to ensuring we pass all our customer security protocols.

Since partnering with 7tech, we have NOT been hacked and can sleep easier at night knowing that we are protected 24/7 from the latest cyber threats.

If you’re looking to protect your business from cyberthreats, don’t hesitate to sign up with 7tech, they have integrity, great customer service, and will not let you down.

Brenda Kudrna. Brenda Kudrna Loan Servicing Manager
Trinity Real Estate Finance

You Can Trust the Advice They Give You

When we started out needing IT Support, we originally worked with a gentleman who helped us with the basics.  As our company has grown and the need for higher security and compliance has increased, we needed a trust-worthy IT company that would listen to our needs, explain things in simple terms, and keep costs under control. 

7tech has helped us increase our security, meet our compliance requirements, and keep our everyday IT systems running smoothly at a fair price.  If you are on the fence about hiring 7tech, sit down with them and have them listen to your concerns, they will answer your questions, and you will be able to trust the advice they give you.

Joan Lovejoy. Joan Lovejoy Principal (Retired)
Trinity Real Estate Finance


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