Best-In-Class MSSP Services for Mid-Sized Enterprises Nationwide.

Trust 7tech to deliver first-class MSSP services that excel in supporting hybrid/cloud environments WITHOUT risky third-party outsourcing. Rely on our US-based experts to secure your data with an exclusive Security Operations Center and complete 3-layered approach.

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Managed Security Services

Get 7tech’s US-based MSSP Services to be your cybersecurity backbone. Their number one mission is to defend, monitor, and secure your data so you can sleep better at night knowing 7tech’s MSSP special forces are standing guard—Always on watch. Our private Security Operations Center (SOC) eliminates the need to share your data with untrusted third parties.

Compliance Services

Navigate the minefield of industry-specific regulations with our compliance specialists. We’ll guide you through the complexities, ensuring that your enterprise remains compliant and adapts to evolving standards without disruptions or setbacks.

Managed IT Services

Experience around-the-clock IT support tailored to your unique operational needs. 7tech makes systems run efficiently and securely, enabling you to focus on core business objectives without IT slowness, downtime, and recurring computer problems. Our responsive Service Desk is dedicated to resolving IT issues on the same day the ticket was opened.

Experience Elite MSSP Services With 7tech

As a Managed Security Services Provider for mid-sized organizations, 7tech goes beyond basic IT services. Their signature 3-layered approach to threats—prevention, detection, and response—ensures uncompromised data security.


Clients benefit from 7tech’s 24/7, LIVE threat monitoring and swift responses through their private SOC and SIEM. Their US-based team stands as the first line of defense against emerging advanced cyber threats.


Simplify your compliance journey with 7tech. Their professionals guide customers through industry requirements, avoiding costly errors and guaranteeing a smooth compliance journey. You deserve to be 100% confident that you are in full compliance with industry regulations.


7tech’s US-based IT Services are always on standby so clients get quick assistance whenever they need it. Regardless of where your team is around the globe – 7tech is equipped and ready to resolve issues and truly “has your six.”


Now you and your internal IT department can get back to focusing on what you do best, ensuring smooth operations for your growing business. With 7tech’s MSSP Services, you’ll also gain industry insights and threat intelligence to optimize decisions without draining internal resources.

IT Employees Working at Workstations

Here’s How We Protect You:

  1. Neutralize Risks
    7tech’s proprietary 27-Point IT Network Assessment reveals and fixes existing threats and security gaps, offering solutions to neutralize risks and meet insurance requirements.
  2. Secure Assets
    Their 3-layered approach to protecting critical data gives clients extended defenses to detect, monitor, and respond to more of today’s most advanced cyber threats.
  3. Get and Stay Compliant
    From NIST to CMMC to HIPAA, 7tech implements and sustains necessary security measures, ensuring consistent alignment with industry standards.
  4. Zero Regrets
    Not only do our special forces deploy when you need them, we help you keep your attack surface low with expert guidance you can trust. Finally, have confidence in your data security.

Cyber-Conscious Businesses Choose 7tech MSSP Services

See what other executives are saying about the unmatched value of 7tech’s nationwide managed cybersecurity and IT services.

Explore All Our Client Testimonials

The Onboarding Process Was Clean And Easy

Given our growing business, we knew we needed to take our IT and cybersecurity competencies more seriously and acquire a proactive partner to replace our reactive-at-best former strategies.

We were impressed by 7tech’s clearly defined onboarding and service procedures because it made us feel like any issue that might arise had a clearly defined approach and solution. Their technicians were responsive, helpful and provided follow-up during the onboarding process, which made it clean and easy.

Additionally, 7tech’s inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list demonstrated that they are doing something right. We now have unwavering faith that their team is taking care of our company’s cybersecurity and IT needs as we grow.

Christian Kobes Christian Kobes Chief Revenue Officer
19:21 Consultants
San Antonio, TX

Having worked with a number of Managed IT companies previously, I can say without hesitation that 7tech lives up to its reputation of blending into the company infrastructure in that their speed and efficiency is tantamount to an internal, on-site employee.

Robert Nocito Robert Nocito Operations Manager
Gomez Floor Coverings
San Antonio, Texas

7tech Is Strong In Cyber Security

The use of comprehensive security solutions for each workstation is keeping DSSW operational every day.  7tech is strong in cyber security, IT operations, project management and compliance.

Bill Cochran IT Strategist
Disability Services of the Southwest (DSSW)
San Antonio, Texas

Their Speed and Efficiency Is Tantamount to an Internal,
On-Site Employee

There have been many positives working with 7tech. What I received the most feedback on thus far has been the ease of working with 7tech personnel. The speed in responses to tickets and professionalism of the staff ranks #1 in what GFC staff appreciate.

As manager of IT for GFC, I have appreciated the diagnoses of system shortcomings, suggestions for resolution and system efficiency and immediate steps to correct.

Having worked with a number of Managed IT companies previously, I can say without hesitation that 7tech lives up to its reputation of blending into the company infrastructure in that their speed and efficiency is tantamount to an internal, on-site employee.

Robert Nocito Robert Nocito Operations Manager
Gomez Floor Coverings
San Antonio, Texas

They Made the Transition Very Smooth

As a construction company in the fastest growing city in the United States (San Antonio, TX) we are very busy meeting our project deadlines.  We had some downtime due to viruses with our previous IT company, so we were concerned about the transition to a new provider.

We decided to trust the Juern Technology team and they made the transition very smooth; they are very responsive.  The technical knowledge of their team is fantastic.  Their staff takes the extra effort to communicate in laymen’s terms, so they explain things in a way that non-techie people can understand.

Paul Brennan Previous CFO
NAPCO Precast, LLC.
San Antonio, Texas

Why 7tech MSSP Services?

With 7tech, data security is paramount. They keep your data safer from more threats WHILE helping clients meet every security requirement. 7tech’s USA-based Managed Security Services team specializes in executing coordinated threat response.

7tech’s private Security Operations Center (SOC) eliminates the potential risks of sharing data with untrusted third parties, making us the safe choice. 

  • Private Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • No Risky Third-Party Data Sharing
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Around-the-Clock Protection
  • 24/7 Responsive IT Support

Why Outsourced Security Services?

Small and mid-sized businesses should outsource security operations to a qualified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) like 7tech. Here are some ways working with an experienced MSSP can bring big benefits:

  • Get back to your primary business role
  • Have experts in your corner to help you “see in the dark”
  • Get access to specialized expertise and resources
  • 24/7 availability and response
  • Bolster your in-house IT staff with resources

Remember, the biggest threats are the ones on your blind side. You don’t know what you don’t know and bad guys often lurk in the dark…That’s where 7tech comes in.

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