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Secure your computing resources with our state-of-the-art security protocols. 7tech’s cloud managed services employ industry-leading measures to provide fortress-like defense against cyber threats.

Security first. Seamless integration. Scalability on demand.


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7tech's Top Cloud Security Company Stamp By Clutch

7tech’s Top Cloud Security Company Stamp By Clutch

Leverage 7tech’s Cloud Security Solutions Services

Experience a blend of innovation and reliability in cloud computing-highest volume performance.

7tech specializes in comprehensive cloud services solutions including Cloud Security, Email Migration, Remote Desktops, Secure Remote Access, Virtual Servers, Cloud File Storage, Office 365 Services, and Cloud Backups.

Seamlessly integrate your data across multiple clouds, including Azure and Google Cloud. We offer smarter file sharing and storage solutions, ensuring your data is secure and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Secure Enterprise Cloud Services to Empower Your Business

7tech helps you migrate to the cloud. Together, we will unlock a world of possibilities. Our cloud migration services for medium-sized enterprises ensure smarter, more accessible file sharing and storage.


Experience a significant increase in productivity through our streamlined operations, designed to enhance your business efficiency and output.


Cost-effectiveness is a core value at 7tech. Our tailored solutions can significantly reduce your operational expenses. We deliver value without compromising quality.


Enjoy the simplicity of our easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure. We streamline your IT network for enhanced efficiency and simplified management.


Benefit from our robust security protocols. We meticulously design them to provide you with complete peace of mind by safeguarding your data and systems.

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How 7tech’s Cloud Security Strategy Works

  1. Consult with Our Expert Cloud Services Provider

    Start your cloud journey with our expert team’s comprehensive consultation, covering everything from cloud migration to remote access control. We understand your unique needs as your trusted public cloud strategy services provider. Let’s create a strategy aligned with your business goals today.

  2. Gain Clarity On Your Optimal Cloud Strategy

    We present clear cloud solutions tailored to your business requirements. This includes cloud deployment and secure file sharing. Our cloud consultants guide you through cloud architecture and strategy, ensuring informed decisions for your IT infrastructure.

  3. Move Forward With Confidence In Cloud Implementation

    Implement your cloud solutions confidently with our robust security measures and expert guidance in cloud transformation and migration. Our cloud managed services ensure seamless integration while modernizing your IT with scalable, resilient solutions.

Forward-Thinking IT Leaders Partner With 7tech

Hear from businesses that have transformed their IT operations with 7tech’s cloud data management services

They Carefully Planned Our Switch To SharePoint And Without Delay

By far, the best thing about working with 7tech to move our files to the cloud was how well they planned the migration and how they completed it on time. This helped us to stay on track and minimize downtime as they stayed in close contact with us the entire time.

Now that 7tech helped us painlessly move our files to the SharePoint, our remote staff find it much easier to access files when working outside of the office. This is a huge benefit as accessing files on our in-house server through VPN was not always reliable.

We haven’t had any issues after switching to SharePoint and we haven’t looked back since.

Dina McIlhenny. Dina McIlhenny Director of Finance & Operations
Texas Agricultural Land Trust

Their Integrity is Unmatched

As a fast-growing commercial real estate firm, we needed an IT company that could keep up with our growth. 7tech upgraded us to the professional level of IT support that we needed, enabling our remote employees to have all emails, contacts, and calendars sync across all devices and making sure we’re not down during critical work hours.

They respond quickly and don’t nickel and dime us – their integrity is unmatched. I also appreciate that they explain things in non-technical ways (layman’s language) and find solutions that fit our actual needs instead of pushing pricey solutions that are unnecessary.

Very likable people and very easy to work with.

Charlie Malmberg. Charlie Malmberg Partner
Valcor Commercial Real Estate

7tech Made Everything Accessible Anywhere!

Since 7tech migrated us to SharePoint we can now access our documents anywhere we have a device connected to the internet.

Thanks to the team at 7ech’s cloud computing services, we no longer worry about the constant backups or document failures we used to deal with before. If you’re already using Microsoft products, they can help you painlessly upgrade to SharePoint.

Don’t miss out on better collaboration and ease of use for your employees, hire 7tech today and make the most of your Microsoft products.

Ryan Ayotte. Ryan Ayotte Assistant Project Manager
The Koehler Company

It Feels Like They are Part of Our Team

7tech helped us transition our email system to Microsoft Office 365.  It has a lot more bells and whistles that are really helpful.  For example, our phone calendars are now in sync with our Outlook calendars.

We really like working with their team, they know us and what to fix if there are problems.  It feels like they are part of our team.

If you are looking for a new IT services company, hire someone you can trust.  We trust 7tech!

Cyndi LaFleur. Cyndi LaFleur Office Manager
Valcor Commercial Real Estate

Professional, Knowledgeable, Take Great Care of Their Customers

We cannot be happier with the support for our network technology at San Antonio Christian School. After a survey of our campus and review of the needs to support our student 1:1 tablet program.  Neal Juern recommended Meraki Access Points and switches. The Meraki unified dashboard and cloud management played a large role in the decision and His support from the original proposal to installation and configuration was invaluable.

We have had this system in place for several years and have been very happy with its performance and the support of 7tech throughout. Neal and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and take great care of their customers.

We highly recommend him and his company.

David Hoeft. David Hoeft IT Director
San Antonio Christian School

Employees working on computers.

FAQs on 7tech’s Cloud Security Solutions

What Are the Main Benefits of Cloud Services?

7tech’s cloud services offer a suite of benefits designed to enhance business efficiency and agility. Whether your business leverages infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), or other cloud models, our solutions are engineered to elevate your operations.

Our cloud transformation services help boost through streamlined operations. Enjoy cost savings by reducing operational expenses, and a simplified IT network thanks to our easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure.

Moreover, our cloud managed services ensure top-tier data security, safeguarding sensitive business information while providing the scalability necessary for businesses to adapt swiftly to market changes and growth opportunities.

How Does 7tech Ensure Cloud Data Security?

At 7tech, securing client cloud data is of utmost importance. We employ a robust, triple-layer security strategy, fortified by advanced cloud security measures.

Operating a dedicated, US-based Security Operations Center, 7tech steadfastly avoids outsourcing or sharing client data with third parties.

This approach is complemented by real-time threat intelligence and bespoke incident response plans. We’re all about 24/7 cloud data security and compliance.

What Sets 7tech’s Cloud Consulting Services Apart?

7tech distinguishes itself in cloud service offerings through its unwavering commitment to pro-cloud technology, enabling smarter file sharing and storage solutions for its clients.

The company excels in providing seamless cloud migration services, reinforced by state-of-the-art cloud security and efficient cloud configuration.

7tech’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft. We underscore our dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology. Recognized as a Top Cloud Consulting Company, we’re committed to delivering efficient, secure, and innovative cloud solutions.

Pro Cloud Technology Trusted by Industry Leaders Since 2012

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How Much Do Cloud Services Cost?

Cloud computing services costs can vary significantly based on your company’s size and specific needs.

Typically, pricing is influenced by factors like the type of services required, the amount of data storage needed, and the level of security and support.

7tech offers flexible pricing models, including custom service plans and scalable options to fit different company sizes.

Our transparency in pricing ensures our clients understand what they are paying for helping them make informed budgetary decisions.

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