What is 7tech?

7tech is the new brand name for Juern Technology.

After 12 years in business, we wanted a new name that better aligns with who we are now as 7tech, national MSSP and IT company. Juern Technology started with our CEO, Neal Juern as a one-man IT shop in San Antonio, Texas and today we have over 30 employees and serve businesses nationwide.


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The Future Is NOW With 7tech MSSP

7tech Name Reveal Video: Announcing Our New Name. We announced our new name on 7/7/2023 using the art of film with the help of filmmakers from ALTAR8 Studio and they blew our socks off. Here it is! Check it out, give it a “like,” and tell us what you think in the comments.

Unparalleled Cybersecurity And IT Solutions Await At 7tech

Dive into a suite of services meticulously designed for businesses that refuse to compromise on their cybersecurity and IT management. Our offerings are crafted to seamlessly blend with your operations, safeguarding your digital assets while enhancing efficiency and offsetting the effects of America’s labor shortage.


A 3-layered approach dedicated to protecting client data, systems, and reputation.


Ensuring technology operates seamlessly and efficiently, as it should.


Facilitating smooth transitions to the cloud, boosting efficiency while minimizing costs.

Our 7 Core Values

  1. We Treat Our Customers the Way We Would Want to Be Treated.
    This principle guides us to deliver service with empathy, respect, and consideration, creating a customer experience that we would desire for ourselves.
  2. We Are Intolerant of Bureaucracy; We Look for How Things CAN Happen.
    In our commitment to efficiency and agility, we actively avoid bureaucratic delays, always finding proactive and innovative solutions to drive progress.
  3. We See Changes as Growth Opportunities.
    At 7tech, we embrace change with an optimistic and adaptive mindset, viewing each shift in the landscape as a chance to learn, evolve, and thrive.
  4. We Value Integrity and Always Doing the Right Thing.
    Integrity is our compass; it directs our actions and decisions, ensuring that we consistently act ethically, honestly, and transparently in every situation.
  5. We Give Maximum Effort.
    We are dedicated to giving 100% in all we do, approaching every task, project, and interaction with enthusiasm, commitment, and diligence to deliver optimal results.
  6. We Prefer Prevention Over Reactivity.
    By emphasizing proactive strategies and preventive measures, we minimize risks and issues, fostering a smooth and secure operational environment for our clients.
  7. We Understand How Our Customers Feel and We Provide a Positive Impact on Their Daily Lives.
    Tuned into our clients’ emotions and needs, we aim not just to meet expectations but to significantly enhance their daily experiences through our positive and impactful contributions.

Meet Your Match: Our Ideal Client Profile

7tech thrives in collaborative partnerships with US-based, medium-sized businesses that generate annual revenues ranging from $2 million to $10 million. For us, an ideal client is not only defined by its size and revenue but also by its proactive approach towards technology, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity.

We typically serve clients with anywhere from 80 to 600 workstations, representing a broad spectrum of industries across the United States. Our clientele includes Government Contractors, Construction firms, Manufacturing plants, Engineering companies, Non-Profit organizations, entities in Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare providers, Financial institutions, and various Professional Industries.

Zero Trust Cybersecurity Solutions & IT Services For Mid-Sized Enterprises

The 7tech Team is dedicated To The Success Of Your Business

7tech employees.