Contract Bidding 101: How to Get Government Contracts

Stuck on how to get government contracts? This article provides solutions with insights on contract types, sources, and effective bidding strategies.

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What Are Managed IT Services And Their Benefits?

Discover how Managed IT Services revolutionize IT infrastructure for small and mid-sized businesses. Expert insights by 7tech, your IT ally.

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4 Practical Benefits Of Two-Factor Authentication

Discover the benefits of two-factor authentication for advanced cybersecurity and data safeguarding.


Understanding the Seven Business Cybersecurity Layers

Explore 7 crucial business cybersecurity layers: Physical, Perimeter, Network, Endpoints, Applications, Data, and Users. Learn to fortify your security.

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Threat Detection and Response: Definitions, Methods, and Best Practices

What is threat detection and response? Learn definitions, methods, and best practices for robust cybersecurity defense in this comprehensive guide.

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The Benefits of Being CMMC Compliant

Are you curious about what being certified as CMMC compliant means for your business? Learn more here about the benefits of achieving compliance.

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The 23andMe Hack: Understanding the Breach and Protecting Your Data

Explore the 23andMe Hack, its impact, and how hackers breached data. Learn key security tips to protect your digital information effectively.


Threat Monitoring and Detection: 3 Critical Pillars For Cybersecurity Excellence

Discover key strategies for effective threat monitoring and detection: threat intelligence, SIEM technology, and vulnerability management.

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How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks and Protect Your Data

There are many ways to prevent ransomware attacks from happening to your organization. Learn how we can help with your security measures.

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