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Did You Know?

43% of cyber onslaughts target small businesses, yet a mere 14% are equipped to fend them off.*

* Statistics per the findings from Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study.

A Cybersecurity Audit Gives You Complete Peace Of Mind

Imagine finding your office network hacked, exposing you and your clients’ sensitive data. Operations stop, data becomes unusable and you risk losing clients, facing lawsuits and hefty fines for data breaches.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “We’re too small to be noticed.” That’s a myth hackers count on!

Right now, take advantage of our FREE in-depth Cybersecurity Audit. Our seasoned professionals will pinpoint your network’s vulnerabilities and map out a personalized plan to neutralize threats swiftly.

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Three Steps to Safeguarding Your Business

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7tech Treats Us Like We Are Their Only Customer!

Knowing that a solid reliable group of cybersecurity experts are protecting our non-profit business helps me sleep at night!

7tech treats us like we are their only customer, and we love how they consider the well-being of our business to be their primary concern. They don’t just care about our computers; they care about the success of our mission.

Call 7tech today, talk with them, talk to their customers, and you’ll quickly understand why THEY are the real deal!

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