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7tech’s Mini Penetration Test for SMBs

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Discover your organization’s cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses. This is more than just your basic assessment, it’s a thorough cybersecurity evaluation that encompasses a standard risk assessment, an advanced vulnerability scan, and a detailed CIS benchmark test. Get valuable insights to enhance workstation and server security.

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Introducing 7tech’s Mini Penetration Test For Businesses – The Smart Step Beyond Basic Cybersecurity Assessments

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After this mini pen test, you’ll get answers to questions such as:

  • If your current cybersecurity measures are effectively protecting your critical assets.
  • If there are specific vulnerabilities in your system that could be exploited.
  • If your security protocols align with the Center for Internet Security benchmarks, particularly for Windows 10/11 systems.
  • If there are clear, actionable steps you can take to remediate any identified weaknesses.
  • If your current risk management strategies are adequately addressing your cybersecurity needs.
  • If your cybersecurity investments are being directed to the areas that need them most.
  • If your business is prepared to face future cybersecurity challenges.
  • If your resource allocation for cybersecurity is both efficient and effective.
  • If you are in compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards.
  • If your enhanced cybersecurity measures are sufficient to build and maintain customer trust.

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A Concise, Yet Thorough, Cybersecurity Evaluation Designed To Be Completed Within Just 2-3 Days

Uncover the urgent and critical protections businesses must have in place now to protect…

Bank accounts: The bank is NOT required to replace funds stolen due to cybercrime, and unless businesses have a very specific type of insurance policy, any financial losses will be denied coverage, plus…

Client data: The courts are NOT in your favor if you expose client data to cybercriminals, not to mention the reputational damages that come along with breaking data breach laws, and…

Confidential information: Payroll, HR, accounting firms, and more have direct access to highly confidential information that could be sold, stolen, or encrypted, and also…

Reputation: When a data breach occurs, news travels FAST and it is the responsibility of the business, and those in charge, to have the proper protections in place for their confidential information and their clients.