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The 7-Step Threat Detection Plan

How To Deploy Cyber Threat Detection In-House WITHOUT Relying On Outside Consultants

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Neal Juern, CEO of 7tech, will be revealing our PROVEN strategies and cutting-edge tools for advanced threat detection to safeguard critical data and fortify customer trust.

You will get to join us LIVE to discover the exact framework best-in-class cybersecurity firms use to detect live threats at the enterprise level to protect sensitive and proprietary data.

Start implementing the advanced threat protection your organization needs!

On This Live Cast With Q&A You’ll Discover…

Direct insights from a cybersecurity industry leader and practical, actionable strategies that are transforming IT security.

How to implement a Zero-Trust Framework used by leading cybersecurity firms to protect sensitive data.

Dynamic threat intelligence for real-time threat monitoring with Wazuh platform.

And Much, Much More…

Who Is Neal Juern?

And why should you listen to him?

If you need to know how to protect data in your organization, then you need to talk to Neal Juern. Neal is a cybersecurity expert with a solid track record of implementing zero-trust cybersecurity measures for mid-sized enterprises with internal IT departments for over 10 years.

As CEO and founder of Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), 7tech, Neal was invited to join the advisory council for leading endpoint security technology company, ThreatLocker. As well as the advisory council for global leader in threat detection and response, Vade Secure.

Neal is a speaker, author, and former instructor to veterans transitioning out of the military and into civilian life in the field of IT.

Neal Juern, CEO of 7tech.

Who Should Attend?

IT Leaders who want straightforward insights into how to set up threat monitoring for their organization the right way.

Business Owners and Executives who are curious about what it takes to deploy an effective multi-layer cybersecurity defense.

Ready to finally have a plan to spot zero-day threats coming your way?

A Message From Featured Speaker: Neal Juern

“I believe that prioritizing threat detection in an organization hinges on these crucial considerations. Initially, IT leaders must effectively gather and analyze log data across all relevant systems. This is vital for identifying potential threats. Often, in retrospect, the signs of a successful cyberattack are present but overlooked for extended periods. By deploying a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, IT professionals can start capturing the essential data needed to proactively address these threats.

Next, to elevate threat detection, IT leaders should implement continuous vulnerability scanning across all systems, coupled with a regular schedule for remediation. Swiftly identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in any IT setup is crucial. This approach not only mitigates risks but also outpaces potential cyber attackers. Remember, in cybersecurity, it’s always a race against time.

Finally, for threat detection to be truly effective, it’s essential to monitor security tools, including both the SIEM and Vulnerability Management platforms, around the clock. This ensures immediate action against high-priority threats. Merely collecting data on threats or uncovering vulnerabilities is futile if it doesn’t translate into decisive actions against cyberattacks.”

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