A business team gathered around several computersHow An MSSP Supports Your Internal IT Department

In the rapidly changing landscape of technology, businesses are faced with the pivotal decision of choosing ‘internal IT vs MSSP’ for security needs. As a company grows, and business goals become more intricate, the decision on how you choose to secure data and cybersecurity needs becomes more and more crucial. 

At 7tech we’ve seen how MSSP services can support internal IT departments to provide the most comprehensive security program for your business.  

Here’s a deeper dive into the symbiotic relationship between internal IT departments and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and the vital role they can play in your company’s data security success.

Internal IT vs MSSP: Breaking Down the Basics

  • Internal IT Department: In-house IT staff, these professionals are typically full-time employees who understand the day-to-day intricacies of a company and specific needs of employees.
  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP): Beyond IT support, an MSSP focuses on providing security services like cybersecurity, compliance monitoring, penetration testing, and more. They can work alongside internal IT teams or serve as the primary tech support. Working with a cutting-edge MSSP like 7tech can also save you money on the latest equipment and software tools. 


MSSP and Internal IT Services: Their Differences and How They Complement One Another

While there are some pretty large differences between MSSP companies and internal IT departments, these differences often emphasize how they can be complementary:

  1. 360° Expertise: Internal IT staff possess a nuanced understanding of the company’s needs. MSSPs, having worked with various clients, bring a broader perspective and industry-wide expertise.
  2. Availability and Response Times: Internal IT teams often operate within regular business hours. In contrast, an MSSP like ours guarantees quicker response times with 24/7 availability to help with urgent matters both small and large.
  3. Resource Allocation: Internal IT departments, especially in small businesses, might be limited in staff and tools. MSSPs, with their extensive pool of resources, can augment the in-house IT staff and the latest technology seamlessly.

Does Hiring an MSSP Benefit Your Internal IT Department?

The short answer is yes! Working with an experienced MSSP company can be rewarding. Here are some of the ways an MSSP team can assist your internal IT support:

  • Bridging Knowledge Gaps: No internal IT team can master every tech specialty. Hiring an MSSP fills these knowledge gaps, especially in areas where your internal team might need targeted, additional support. An MSSP can provide certifications that can be difficult to obtain or complete internally. For example, any business working as a government contractor must be CMMC compliant, and an MSSP can assist you in all facets there. 
  • Ensuring Day-to-Day Operations: Internal IT staff focuses on strategic business goals, MSSPs handle routine monitoring and compliance needs. That means there’s no disruption, even during system updates or other tech transitions.
  • Cost Dynamics: The ‘MSSP vs internal IT cost’ debate is pertinent. Maintaining a full-time, in-house IT staff is costly for small businesses. Working with an MSSP provides a cost-effective way to access high-level expertise without the overhead of a full-time department. For larger organizations who need consistent top tier security support, rely on your MSSP to provide the latest software and technology. They keep up to date with cutting edge technology that you don’t have to worry about maintaining. 
  • Data Protection: As your business grows, so does the necessity of data compliance. Keeping customer data secure has never been more paramount. MSSPs offer advanced security solutions to ensure all data, especially valuable customer data, remains uncompromised.


The ‘MSSP or Internal IT’ Dilemma: Making the Choice

In many cases, the answer isn’t about choosing one over the other but understanding how they can coexist to support business growth:

  • For Small to Medium Sized Businesses: The cost of maintaining full-time, in-house IT staff can be daunting. Here, hiring an experienced, holistic MSSP team is often a most cost-effective way to ensure smooth, safe, and comprehensive security operations.
  • For Larger Enterprises: Larger businesses are often exposed to more security threads to an MSSP can be a necessity. Working with an MSSP and maintaining an internal IT team can optimize operations. Routine tasks, compliance monitoring and break-fix issues can be offloaded to the MSSP team, allowing the internal team to focus on strategic objectives.


Get the Best Of Both Worlds

The ‘MSSP vs internal IT’ debate shouldn’t be a binary one.

The future lies in integrating both, leveraging their strengths, and aligning them with business goals. With the right balance, businesses can ensure seamless operations, keep their data secure, and focus on growth, while also enjoying the cost-effective benefits that MSSPs offer.

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